Bakery Case and "TO GO"

Treat yourself from our "to go" area with freshly baked scones, cookies, and other indulgences. Specialty drinks are also available. Join the "Ice Rage" with Big Train's satisfying smoothies or get a healthy refresher from our tea selection. If you need more of a boost we have coffee too. As well as the ultimate indulgent-Chocolate! The Bakery has an array of desserts. Our Pastry Chef makes beautiful as well as delicious anniversary, birthday, graduation cakes. He also creates special treats for bridal showers, baby showers, and other events.


Chocolate Amaretto Cake  
Chocolate Soaked with Amaretto Iced with French Buttercreme & coated with Chocolate Ganache


Linzer Torte  
A hazelnut cinnamon crust filled with raspberry marmalade


Fresh Fruit Tart  
Shortbread pastry crust filled with Vanilla cream decorated with an array of Fruits (Seasonal)


Chocolate Truffle Cake  
A single layer of dense chocolate Iced with chocolate glaze


We make many varieties of New York Style cheesecake. Please ask about feature flavors.


Flaky pastry with an almond filling. Specialty of the town of Pithiviers, France.


Carrot Cake  
A light spice cake loaded with raisins, pineapple, and walnuts, covered with a cream cheese frosting.


Black Forrest  
Moist chocolate cake soaked with kirsch and filled with fresh cherry filling, topped with shaven chocolate


Fromage & Fruit  
Yellow cake with a light cream cheese filling and your choice of fresh strawberries, pineapple, or mandarin oranges.


German Chocolate Torte  
A dark chocolate cake layered with a coconut pecan filling and iced in chocolate buttercrem


Coconut Cake  
A coconut pound cake soaked in coconut syrup. Rich!



Pastry Tray   Pastry Tray Pricing
Individual size $2.00 - $4.00 each
Minis $1.25-1.50 each
A collection of pastries such as:
Cream Puffs
Black Forest.
Fruit Tart
Lime Curd Tart
Chocolate Raspberry Fromage Cup
Lemon curd Peanut Butter Delight


Brunch / Luncheon items   $1.50 - $2.00 each
Raspberry White Chocolate Brownies
Lemon Poppyseed Cake
Vanilla Muffins
Toffee Bars
Strawberry Bread


Cookies   $1.00 each
Chocolate Chip
Almond Coconut Chews
Frost Bite (Orange Raisin Oatmeal)


Scones   $2.25 each
Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip
Lemon Poppy
Cinnamon Raisin


Brownies   $2.00 each
Peanut Butter


Sugarplums & Tea
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